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Nine Tales




So on Saturday, my mom went with me to the shelter and I adopted a dog! Her name is Lyla. She is a shepherd mix. I think she is also part boxer. I love her folded ears so much and she's very sweet. She can't live with me yet and is staying with my parents, but I'm looking for a house. Crossing fingers I get this new job and then I can bring her home sooner!

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Please offer in my stash on the ref of the character! Don't offer in comments! Serious buyers only please.
Rules in my stash. Many come with art, don't be afraid to ask to see if you're seriously interested in buying.
Not looking for art unless I've bought art from you previously. Looking for character trades or USD offers only.

Thanks! :) Still uploading some art that's in my photobucket, so new characters may pop up eventually.
I got possibly the worst news ever yesterday...I need to have surgery to correct my shoulder or I have to give up riding horses competitively. Even better, even if I get the surgery, I have to give up all strenuous activity for 3 months. I can't draw or ride my horse for 3 weeks at all, but then I can't ride for 3 months... I'll be able to draw again after 3 weeks, but I'm so heart broken. At least they told me I didn't have to give up typing. I can try to get more work and focus on my programming for games done, but I can't say that it excites me right this minute.

I'm so upset because I JUST was making a serious effort to get better at art. And I've only been riding since February and my first show is this Saturday. I just have to make this show season count and all the time to draw before my surgery too.

3 months off riding and I was JUST starting to really make a connection with my horse. : ( Not to mention how in the hell am I going to find 3 weeks of paid time off because my doctor is forbidding going to work for that long?? And all the money for this physical therapy?? My co-pay for physical therapy went up 20 dollars.

I'm sorry if I'm sad or depressed for a while. I don't mean it personally.
Does anyone else suffer from a perpetual art block? I seem to always have trouble, especially with finishing art. Sometimes it's even just getting started. I've always had this problem and I kinda know where I'm going wrong, but I guess I need lots of encouragement to see my art through because it's part being lazy and part being so overly critical of myself that I don't let myself work it out. I know that getting good at art and drawing, finding your style and all, just takes time. I'm so analytical and my brain is so far ahead of my hand that I feel like I should be farther along and get discouraged. Then I always stop and stagnate for months before trying again.

Things I need to fix so I can become a better artist:
Stop being super critical
Make time for it
Finish what you start
Keep working towards your goals, don't give up
Make friends to share your art with
Post your art

Just wanted to share a list with myself so I can maybe start being real with myself and do something about this.


art by Meirii
art by j-hauyan

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